New Mexico / by Vasiliki Papadopoulos

New Mexico. Photography. National Geographic. 

I thought these three items were an excellent combination to further my photographic skills, while exploring a remote, yet very accessible state.  My adventures in New Mexico began with a trip to a little unknown land art installation site called the Lightning Field. Artist Walter de Maria envisioned an experience like anything other -  a massive grid of 400 steel poles in excess of 22 feet spread out on a beautiful patch of land 45 minutes from the town of Quemado - that during bouts of lighting would evoke a light show for those present. The Lighting Field also houses a cabin where guests are able to stay overnight as part of the overall experience. The experience itself is hard to describe. The light of sunset on the Lightning Field poles is otherworldly, and the beauty of locating full constellations in an open sky was something this city dweller never has access to. There is a profoundness to being alone and remote in a cabin with no wifi or cellular coverage. Enjoying the magnitude of the beauty of our collective geography is constantly forgotten -  and I was able to do that here. The Lighting Field is a simple layout of poles that every so often merges steel with the violent side of nature - lightning storms. Highly recommended.