Big Sur

California by Vasiliki Papadopoulos

I have a love affair with the state of California. It is a place that appeals to almost everyone - from the desert, to the ocean, to beautiful mountains and large swaths of trees, to urbanists, suburbanists and new age believers - everyone can find a comfortable home.

I have been to California several times in the past 10 years, but nothing prepared me for the sheer grandness of the Big Sur. It ranks as the best drive one can experience. You appreciate the vision and foresight that built a two lane highway alongside the Pacific Ocean. You appreciate the engineering marvel of a Bixby Bridge. You appreciate nature in its most raw form. 

Our road trip saw us begin in San Diego and two weeks later we ended up in Napa Valley - one rented car, a host of luggage, a husband, a son and thousands of photos later. I hope you enjoy all of the two weeks I could fit in.